New Shit... Eventually!

2012-05-22 08:20:36 by MakoSucks

Tsup fellow newgrounds? Long time no ...see? Well I'm back, with a ton of shit just waiting on the back burner this whole time, so hopefully i can get my ass into third gear and get some flash-on! I haven't completed a single piece of flash animation since Madness of the Dead, but guess what's on youtube!!!

and i posted a digital painting i tried to make look half way decent.

Hopefully I keep the ball of ...wax rolling down hill this time. Peace!

Valve's Portal is FREE.

2010-05-17 18:06:50 by MakoSucks

Valve gives away Portal for the cost of nothing, until May 24th. Available for both pc and mac, on Steam.

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A first person portal puzzle platform shooter..... It's free!

Also, babies getting smashed with a sledgehammer. Free!!!!!!

Valve's Portal is FREE!

2010-05-17 17:43:49 by MakoSucks

Valve gives away Portal for the cost of nothing. Available for both pc and mac, on Steam.

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A first person portal puzzle platform shooter..... It's free!

Also, babies getting smashed with a sledgehammer. Free!!!!!!

The Simpsons Movie Limited Edition Xbox 360 anyone?

2009-11-17 20:36:37 by MakoSucks

I haven't been online for a while because my computer ate crap and died, so in order to replace it, I am going to have to sell one of my most prized possessions... MY Limited Edition Simpsons Movie Xbox 360!

According to Wikipedia, Only a hundred of these yellow beasts were made, and the only way you could get one was through promotional contest and events for the Simpsons movie. Recently my friend won a radio contest and sold me what we thought was just a regular premium Xbox 360, but when we opened the refurbished box, a bright yellow glow and homer simpson's eyes were staring back at us! There wasn't a soul in Marcellus Wallace's briefcase... It was a Simpsons Movie Xbox 360 Limited edion console... !

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When I first heard about a Simpsons console, I thought it was just going to be a yellow color swap, with homer's chrome dome stenciled on the side, but the first thing you notice about this console is the glossy yellow paint job. instead of the usual light grainy primed plastic texture, it's smooth and shines bright. If you thought the white and silver 360 looked like a space toy or something like that, adding a custom glossy paint job makes it look like a piece of art.

Plus it comes with a matching yellow controller, with the same glossy yellow paint job as the console. The paint kind of sinks into the start and back indents, but I think the smooth paint job feels "Right" compared to the gritty generic one.

Or maybe it's just the feeling of owning a system that's been pimped out and knowing that only 100 other people have the same feeling and no one elese around town has the same console, (plus it's the Simpsons!) And that's something you can't put a price on. Yeah ok sure it's just a pre hdmi Platimum Xbox 360, with a customized paintjob, and homer's chrome dome on the side of it and Matt Groening's name written in Simpsons font on the opposite, and sure I had to open it to fix the disc drive because it had dust in it from non use, and the warranty was void in order for the Colorware people to paint the system, but hey, that all just makes for a rarer, (and working) 360! And besides, you can't put a price on something priceless... I mean seriously it's priceless, but others have been sold on Ebay for $4000 bucks, but I just need enough for a new computer so i can continue animating, website-ing, and signing up for that social networking service that lets the government Spy on it's populous... so thats why I'm only asking 2000 dollars, American... so I can get a computer, and you get a priceless 360. Priceless. like those Master card moments... This Limited Edition Simpsons Movie Console is... priceless! PRICELESS.

Anyways please pm me if you are interested in gaming like a king!

Soldier of Fortune: Payback.

2007-11-19 15:54:50 by MakoSucks

Soldier of Fortune was one of the goriest games I ever played. I remember shooting a terrorist in the balls while he was pissing on a hostage. His crotch exploded in blood, and I stabbed his face until there was nothing left but a bloody stump, after he died I shot off the terrorists limbs piece by piece until he was a bloody torso. Then I killed the hostage and did the same thing to him. Good times.

Sadly Soldier of Fortune: Payback is so bad it makes me want to boycott Activision. I am pretty sure Sof Payback initially had nothing to do with Soldier of Fortune. It was probably another Activision Value title, like Cabela's Big Game Hunt, Barbie the Island Princess, and Dancing with the Stars the GAME! But someone at the last minute decided to make a quick buck by removing the Activision Value labels on it, slap the SoF name to make a quick buck, ship it out at full price, and screw us all over. They didn't even remove Activision Value from the install directory. I guess they thought it would be funny to rub in the fact that you just payed full price for half a game.

First off the gore... Arms and legs break off and heads come off, but It is nothing like the original Sof. The original had the G.H.O.U.L. Gore system, which allowed for blowing off limbs piece by peice, from head to toe. Payback only has 5 dismember points (arms ,legs, and head.) They half assed Soldier of Fortune's main hook: the fuckin' fun gore. The gore in payback is not brutal and not fun.

The game play would probably be a tolerable generic shooter if it wasn't for the horrible level design, and the moronic health system that are constantly fucking each other over. Oh and the fact that the PC version is just a console port. There are no graphic options, no text based, or voice chat in the shitty multiplayer mode. Just frusturating everything.

The health system is like Call of Duty's, where you get shot 3 times and die, but if you duck behind cover your health recharges. This would be a fine change from the originals if it wasn't for the fact that THERE IS NO FUCKING COVER! All the shitty levels are fancy looking hallways! The only cover are explosive barrels or explosive cars.

There are quite a lot of guns here, but they are are so generic it doesn't matter what gun you have, or what attachment you have on it, because they all fire bullets, and they all suck. There is even Iron sight aiming for some reason, but it's pointless since its more effective to just bullet hose everyone.

Like all old things made new, Soldier of Fortune: Payback missed everything that made the original so great. the serious, mature tone to the original is replaced with a saturday morning cartoon storyline, and slap stick violence. The whole game is half assed, and it isn't even fun. I was hoping for a little gore, or at least old school style generic first person shooting, but this game is even less then that. but if you have to play this bullshit game, warez it, don't buy or rent this piece of shit game. Or buy the original SoF games instead, those are full games not a fucking soulless bastard alpha of a game.


This is the box "art" for the game... Doesn't it look like a budget game? Well guess what?! IT IS! Only it's the same price as a regular game! This game installs into the Activision Value directory. Activision Value makes games like Rapelas big game hunt, Pimp my ride, and other shitty games. It looks like all activision did was slap on the SOF name at the last second to make a quick buck, and forgot to get rid of the Activision Value directory. That is how much testing and effort went into this box of bullshit.

Soldier of Fortune: Payback.

Madness of the Dead: Great Success!

2007-09-25 01:51:00 by MakoSucks

Madness of the Dead was 9th out of all the great submissions on Madness Day. I didn't expect anything more then for it to be part of a collection, so I could get more then a few views. I never expected to get featured on the front page! ( A dream of mine since I started using flash in 2001!) The cherry on top is I get cash too! Which is great because I am a bum at the moment, and ill use my prize money to buy a giant hd display so i can make more work, and my vison will stop being ruined by my current 5 year old crt, with magnetic damage so bad that degaussing it wont help it. Thanks Newgrounds!

Thanks to everyone, and check out my other movies if you like mindless violence.

Thank you Newgrounds!

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

2007-07-26 20:58:02 by MakoSucks

...Wow I actually Spelled Chernobyl right!

Yesterday, in the mail I received my 3 games which I bought from, for a really cheap price. Doom 3 for TEN dollars, imported Splinter Cell: Double agent, for TEN DOLLARS!, and STALKER for twenty seven bucks. All of which are more expensive at your crappy EB games, or Gamestop, or where ever you noobs buy your games.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is Oblivion with Guns, and the formula is great! The story consists of basically you are an amnesia ridden mercanary, or "Stalker" in the wastes of Chernobyl. You get jobs from some head honcho, and work your way up the ranks of the other stalkers, and doing main missions seems to progress the story, and doing side quests tends to give you cash, or something rare and valuable.

The story is deeper then that, but I barley completed my third mission, because the combat ai is tough. You throw a nade, and they run from it. Shoot at them, and they run for cover. You camp, they flank.

The most impressive way these bastards killed me today, was when they ambushed me outside of a warehouse. I just cleared out the area, so I just strolled out of there and got sniped from atop a distant bridge. I went for cover, and just fired at these guys with my ak-47 by leaning my head out of the door frame. I kill 2 out of the three that were attacking me, while the last guy with a sawed off double barrel shotgun runs away. I run after the guy firing, and he passes a cargo trailer next to him. I run past the trailer, and get instantly killed. A guy was waiting the whole time on the opposite side of the trailer with a crappy pistol, and shoots me once in the side of my head, taking me out. Tricked by unpredictable AI.

Besides awesome tactical shooting, Stalker has a bunch of RPG elements. a fallout style inventory system, which effects your physical endurance, bartering, talking to other people, side-quests, vast area to explore, non-linear gameplay, beautiful, yet dark unique setting, and a lot more features I don't want to spoil.

the crappy parts of this game are very few that I could think of. the npcs speak russian when in combat or idle, but if you complete a mission, and a npc tells you nice job, they start speaking in English. I wish they kept the original Russian voice overs, and added subtitles.

The Fallout style weight inventory system kinda gets annoying since it hinders your endurance, and if you are trying to sell 3 ak47s you just took off a military death squad, but have to walk across the wastes to trade them, it takes forever. Plus it gets annoying when you get attacked by mutant dogs, and you can't run from them because they keep biting away your endurace.

The ragdolls are alright, but if they fall from a high distance, they look like deflated balloons falling out of the sky, otherwise they look great. There is no interactive gore, except for blood decals. I want to brutalize the corpses of the asshole theives, who try to jack you all the time, but you can't so I just drag the dead bodies to a flaming barrel and try to cook them. Also, It would be really helpful if the corpses that you loot would decay to inform the player of time of death, and if you looted the corpse or not. Thats about all I could think of, small shit.

Stalker is a game with depth. The combination of a hardcore tactical shooter with lean rpg elements mesh greatly together. The game universe is very dark and depressing, but with beautiful rusted, and overgrown environments. It even has multiplayer! Just about everything in Stalker complements the other, and makes for a unique experience from the rest of the post ps2 era, incestuous fabrications, that are retarding the gaming market.

What the fuck does S.T.A.L.K.E.R. stand for any how?

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

Babies Getting Murdered.(Gory)

2007-07-18 22:01:50 by MakoSucks

Please watch my cartoon, Baby Basher Evil

it is gory, and it never ends! (unless you find the semi hidden easter egg.)

Babies Getting Murdered.(Gory)

First POST!

2007-07-18 21:21:46 by MakoSucks

First off...NEVER use your feet to move things that are strewn about on the floor. Especially if you are irritated already. You just might kick too fast, and jam your foot on the edge of your ancient, solid wood, closet door, and feel every single bone in your left foot pulsing in pain, every other step.